Monday, March 28, 2011

One step closer...

I spent the past weekend painting my room.  Friday evening I painted the ceiling and the only thing I have to say about that is "Never again!".  The ceiling has a popcorn finish to it and while that wasn't the hard part, barely any popcorn came off.  The hard part was looking up while trying to roll, not drip paint on your face and use muscles that have never been touched.  Thank goodness the paint rolls on pink (but dries white) so I could tell where I already painted or I would never have survived it.  On Saturday I was able to get the primer on the walls and the joy of painting started Sunday.

When I first started cutting in around the ceiling I was getting a little worried that the color was going to dry too dark but I had faith that it would be alright.  I really do enjoy painting, as long as it's not white.  I like to watch the wall transform with the new color.  It's liked of like my love of hand-dyed yarns.  I love watching the different colors appear as I start to knit (at least knitting is easier on the body).  I am very happy with how the color dried.

Depending on the light it can look a little darker.
My wonderful DH told me today that the flooring is all arranged.  I picked out a beautiful Maple flooring that I thought would look great with the paint and help to keep the room light and airy.  The flooring will be similar to this picture: