Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blocking Weekend

I'm finally able to get some finished knitting and crocheted projects blocked this weekend.  With the ceiling fan on everything is drying very fast.

Last night I blocked my crocheted Blocks Curtain.  This is a little curtain that I made for the window on our front door.  In the summer afternoons the sun shines right in this little window and practically blinds you.

Pattern: Blocks Curtain by Bernat Design Studio
Yarn: Lion Brand Crochet Cotton Size 10
Color: Ecru
Hook: B (2.25mm)
Mods: Made it eight blocks wide instead of six.  Crocheted a sleeve instead of tabs. Did 1 row of dc, 5 rows of 1 tc, ch2, 1 row of dc

This year I also participated in my first mystery KAL.  It was fun to do, but drove me bats waiting for the clues to come out since I wanted to finish it and see the final product.

Pattern: Spriteling by Alice Yu
Yarn: Pagewood Farm Denali Hand Dyed Sock Yarn
Color: Mississippi Mud
Hook: US7 (4.5mm)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting some sewing done...

My DH has requested a curtain for our garage window.  He wants to prevent people from looking in and seeing "The Mistress" (aka, his Chevelle), even though it has a car cover and you can't tell what it is anyway other than a car.  So, while I was organizing my fabric stash a few weekends ago, he picked out some car fabric for me to make him a curtain.  Luckily I had enough to just eek out a curtain for him.

One side has different muscle cars (including a Chevelle)

And the other side is blue flames.

Now it's time to start making the curtain for my room.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The room is almost done

I spent yesterday sorting and organizing my yarn in my new craft, yarn, sewing, quilting room.  It was so much fun to have an excuse to go through all the yarn at once.  The room is now almost complete.  I just have some items to sew for it, quilts to finish and hang and to install a flat screen TV but I'd like to share it with you.

First though, I'd like to say thanks to my DH who arranged to have the floors done and who has been so supportive and encouraging in finishing the room.

Just a reminder, here's the before shot:

And here is the almost finished room:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

1st stash moved...

I spent today moving my fabric stash into my new room.  It was a good time to purge some fabrics and organize it all.  All the fabric that didn't make it into the new room will be offered to my knit group to see if anyone wants anything before I donate it.  My DH doesn't like my old brown cabinet because it doesn't "match" the room.  Maybe I'll start looking for a new one.

I came across three small quilts that I need to finish.  I think I'll hang these on the walls when they are finished.

Right now, I'm off to try and get some knitting done.  Next weekend, the yarn move begins.....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving right along...

Tonight my DH moved my sewing table into the room.  It will work great. It's an old computer table, but I like using it because I can put my sewing machine on one side, my cutting mat on the other and a mini iron in the middle.  I will be making a skirt to hide the legs.

We did realize though that my idea to use an old dresser as a TV stand won't work too great because it'll crowd the room (I didn't really want to use it anyway, but I'm trying to re-purpose furniture).  My DH, darling that he is, said we could get a small flat screen TV to hang from the wall (SCORE!).  Also, instead of the old dresser, I'm going to get a Closetmaid cube organizer instead.  This will give me more storage that I want (and it will be white!)
 It was a productive week.  I did find a rug for the room and have my eye on a lamp that I think will work nicely.  I stopped by the fabric store today and bought the fabric for my curtains.  I'm looking forward to spending time in my room this weekend, organizing my fabric and yarn.  My DH has already put in a request for curtains for his garage (he wants to hide the mistress - his Chevelle - from prying eyes).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We have bookcases!!

We built the bookcases today.  They are Billy bookcases from IKEA.  My recommendation if you are going to add doors is to install as much of the hardware for the doors as possible while the bookcase is still in pieces on the floor - it was much easier.