Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blocking Weekend

I'm finally able to get some finished knitting and crocheted projects blocked this weekend.  With the ceiling fan on everything is drying very fast.

Last night I blocked my crocheted Blocks Curtain.  This is a little curtain that I made for the window on our front door.  In the summer afternoons the sun shines right in this little window and practically blinds you.

Pattern: Blocks Curtain by Bernat Design Studio
Yarn: Lion Brand Crochet Cotton Size 10
Color: Ecru
Hook: B (2.25mm)
Mods: Made it eight blocks wide instead of six.  Crocheted a sleeve instead of tabs. Did 1 row of dc, 5 rows of 1 tc, ch2, 1 row of dc

This year I also participated in my first mystery KAL.  It was fun to do, but drove me bats waiting for the clues to come out since I wanted to finish it and see the final product.

Pattern: Spriteling by Alice Yu
Yarn: Pagewood Farm Denali Hand Dyed Sock Yarn
Color: Mississippi Mud
Hook: US7 (4.5mm)

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