Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving right along...

Tonight my DH moved my sewing table into the room.  It will work great. It's an old computer table, but I like using it because I can put my sewing machine on one side, my cutting mat on the other and a mini iron in the middle.  I will be making a skirt to hide the legs.

We did realize though that my idea to use an old dresser as a TV stand won't work too great because it'll crowd the room (I didn't really want to use it anyway, but I'm trying to re-purpose furniture).  My DH, darling that he is, said we could get a small flat screen TV to hang from the wall (SCORE!).  Also, instead of the old dresser, I'm going to get a Closetmaid cube organizer instead.  This will give me more storage that I want (and it will be white!)
 It was a productive week.  I did find a rug for the room and have my eye on a lamp that I think will work nicely.  I stopped by the fabric store today and bought the fabric for my curtains.  I'm looking forward to spending time in my room this weekend, organizing my fabric and yarn.  My DH has already put in a request for curtains for his garage (he wants to hide the mistress - his Chevelle - from prying eyes).

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