Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mini Sparkle Punch

It is COLD in South Florida!  So it's a perfect day to be in the sewing room working on my quilts.  I'm currently working on a miniature wonky star quilt inspired by the Sparkle Punch Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman.  I cut the squares 2" so they will finish to 1.5".  So much piecing!  But I'm loving the mini so far.

I'm hoping to finish up piecing the top today and get it quilted while the DH is out for the day freezing his tushy off at a car show.
Here's a picture of my old boy keeping me company curled up in his bed and blankets with his baby.  I had to put a T-Shirt on him because I like to open the windows and enjoy the cold weather. 


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