Saturday, August 25, 2012

Craft Room Re-Do

Today my DH helped me with reorganizing my craft room.  My current sewing machine table set up didn't work for machine quilting.  It had a number of problems, the machine is too high, no room to support a large quilt, etc.  I did however like the u-shape of the table and that I had a workspace to my right.

knitting 986

I've decided to rearrange a few things in the room and get a new sewing table set up.  I saw a great idea on youtube using an adjustable height table with foam insulation to bring the bed of the sewing machine level to the table.  I ordered two 2'x4' adjustable height tables on the Internet and found the insulation on that measure 2'x4' so I don't have to buy a big sheet and cut it down.  Today we tore the room apart, rearranged some furniture and hung a quilt.

sewing room being rearranged

I'll post pictures of the new setup as soon as it's finished.

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