Monday, August 30, 2010

Someone buy my furniture...please!!

So far there has been one bite on the furniture.  I'm hoping it will sell very soon because the mistress (aka the Chevelle) will want to be brought home soon.

I spent some time today going through the room and making a pile for keep, donation and for sale.  Surprisingly there was not as much stuff in there as I thought.  I should be able to make a nice pile in the center of the room while I take down wallpaper and do wall repairs.  I was originally planning on painting the room red but figured it would be too dark for knitting and sewing.  DH said we can do the master bedroom in red which makes me very happy!!  Now I'm back to looking at light colors.  Here a just a few I grabbed from the store the other day that caught my eye.  So far, I'm partial to the coral color (center top row).  Please note the tacky a$$ wallpaper that I need to remove.

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