Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally starting on my craft room....

Today DH took his mistress (aka the Chevelle) to his shop so we could fill the garage with the furniture that we are trying to sell from the front guest room.  All the furniture is out and posted for sale.  Tomorrow I plan on spending the day going through what's left in the room and purging some stuff, perhaps donating some fabrics.  I'm very excited about finally getting started on my craft room!!!  I have a good idea how I want to set it up with my sewing table, cutting table, fabric cabinet as well as adding bookcases and a small couch or futon.  There is a lot of ugly a$$ wallpaper to take down and old carpet to rip out.  There is also dry wall that needs to be fixed from before DH bought the place.  I think bribing dad with some of my home cooking should do the trick to get him to replace it.

I'm going to try and record the progress from start to finish.  So, for now, here's the room now (pre-purge).  When I get a chance I'll post dimensions as it's a good size room but hard to tell in the pictures.

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