Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today I had a total "DOH!" moment.  Last night I packed up my knitting bag in preparation for Saturday morning knitting with my friends.  I packed my project and the new yarn that came in the mail for "fondling" at knitting.  Well, I get to knitting and realize I don't have my pattern.  I thought for a bit that I could wing it, but that thought passed quickly.  Hoping my DH was still at home I called and asked him to dig through my knitting basket for the pattern.  He finally found it and I had him read the 12 row pattern repeat to me.  I highly recommend, it you ever get the chance to have a man, totally unfamiliar with knitting, read a pattern to you.  It's very amusing.  At least he saved me.

Here's the yarn.  It's from Lisa Souza and is the lace weight.  It's a 2,500 yd skein in the colorway "breath of spring".  I'm planning on using the yarn for the Tread Softly KAL on Ravelry.  I think I should put a movie on as it will probably take awhile to wind this.

This afternoon I started working on the first quilt block for the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along.  There will be 36 blocks released over the next few weeks until Christmas.  The blocks are 12" and since I no longer like to make large quilts, and I really want to try all 36 blocks, I had to change it up a little.  I'm re-working the blocks into 4" blocks.  It's a bit of work and I'm having to scale down some applique and paper-piecing patterns, but when it's all done, I should have a nice little quilt to hang in my craft room during the holidays.

Here's the first block.  I'm not quite sure if I'm happy with the basket applique.  I'm kinda of "meh" about it.

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