Saturday, April 30, 2011

Couch arrived today

My couch arrived nice and early this morning.  I was so happy that they came early so I was able to join the ladies at knitting this morning.  The couch fits perfectly in the room.  I'm glad that I decided to go a neutral color instead of the red that I originally wanted.  I don't like the pillows that came with it, but I was planning on making ones anyway.

After knitting, K-Ro and I went to Calico Corners and Boca Bargoons to look at decorator fabric.  She wanted fabric to make a curtain and I wanted to look at fabrics for curtains also for my new room.  I saw one that I really liked.  It was available in a floral and stripe, but I think the color would end up being to bright and busy for the room. 



Then, I saw this fabric that I thought would work great.  It brings in the red accent that I want, but still stays a bit neutral.  I just might have to go back and get it.


Now, maybe I can entice DH to build the bookcases this weekend!!! Fingers crossed!!!


  1. I hope you get the bookcases together today so you can start putting everything away. Also, just let me know if you need to go fabric shopping again!

  2. I think the bookcases will be going up now. It was fun fabric shopping yesterday, I'll definitely call you for the next trip. I can wait to see the goat fabric bag.