Saturday, May 29, 2010

One knitter's de-stash is another's knitter's stash

Today I'm attending the "de-stash" party at a fellow Boca knitter's home.  I have combed through my stash and selected the few items that need a good home - some yarn, books, magazines, needles and tote bags.  Hopefully they can find a new home, if not some of it will be sent to Goodwill.
I was also up bright and early this morning to make some little sandwiches for the gathering.  At Easter my Uncle made these fabulous little sandwiches with cucumber, cream cheese, dill and lox.  At dawn I was in my kitchen cutting out fancy little shapes in the bread, slicing cucumber and lox, spreading cream cheese and viola!! My little sandwiches.  Just call me Martha Stewart.  (I hope the bread I choose doesn't overwhelm the flavor of everything else.)


  1. Sooooo.

    How'd it go? You keeping us all in suspense is making me cranky.

    Less stashing and more posting!

    The Sock Guru has spoken. That is all.

  2. That last post wasn't mine. Methinks the Sock Guru has hacked into my laptop and is posting in my name.

    Sorry about that.

  3. :-)
    What ever I earned selling stuff I spent buying stuff - all my $$'s went to purchasing Charity's stash. I got some great yarns for a bargain.

  4. Careful, the Sock Guru is strong

  5. Don't you see? We are all Sock Guru.

    Sock Guru channels whoever is ready to receive and share wisdom. Lend your voice!

    [p.s. - the grammar sirens are going off in my head...should that have been 'whomever'?]