Saturday, April 24, 2010

The rain's a coming....

We've been watching the weather all day and we are in for a rough night tonight.  We've seriously thought about staying over and enjoying one more day of the market, but our budget's couldn't handle it.

Stitches South 2010 has been fabulous!!!!  I will definitely be back but I'll have to give it a few years for my yarn budget to recover.  Today we met up with Jan and her daughter and sister.  It was nice to see familiar faces from home.  Unfortunately pictures aren't allowed in Stitches so my photo's will be limited.  Sometime tomorrow, when I recover from the drive, I will start to post pictures.  (hopefully all the loot will fit in the car!)

Here's some of the photo's from Stitches South 2010

My loot:

My Mom's loot:

The Ravelry party on Thursday night was a blast!  They gave out a nice little thank you bag with samples and coupons for Stitches.  We got to meet Jess & Casey.  Mom even won a raffle item.

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