Sunday, December 28, 2008

How hard is it... just bag my groceries in a logical fashion? I went grocery shopping this afternoon at a large chain that prides itself on customer service - the biggest beef I have with them (aside from expired product on their shelves and high prices) is that the baggers can't seem to bag groceries in a logical fashion. When I place my groceries on the belt I put all heavy canned goods first (hoping that they will go in the cart first) than bottles, boxes, etc. I keep all my meats together and cold items together - hoping that they will be bagged together thus making it easier for me if I need to just get the cold items in the house when I get home. BUT NOOOOOOOOO!! This would be too easy - instead I get to spend a half hour putting away groceries because it has now turned into a treasure hunt to try and locate all the cold/frozen items in order to limit the number of times that I have to open the fridge. From now on my policy will be "Hands Off! I'm bagging my own!!"

On a lighter note today was the first Chick Flick & Knit - very enjoyable. Today's feature was "The Notebook" and my knitting buddy and myself were in tears by the end of the movie. I was so wrapped up in the ending that I messed up a whole row of knitting on my preemie waffle blanket. However, I was thrilled to finish the knitting on my Counterpane Inspired bag - now I just need to find a nice lining and finish it up (perhaps next weekend).

Well, time to get a little knitting done before bed. The puppies are tired from having company today. Little Ricky is already curled up and passed out on the couch.

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