Monday, April 8, 2013

A few more mini's

I have two more mini's finished that I'll be donating to my guild to send to the NQA Little Quilt Auction.  I made another version of Elizabeth Hartman's "Sparkle Punch" quilt.  I really like this pattern and maybe one day I'll make a larger version.

Mini Sparkle Punch II

I also made another mini quilt using Lori Holt's "Quilty Barn" tutorial as inspiration for the Barn quilt.  

Barn quilt

I also recently finished sock #1 for my DH.  I've never enjoyed knitting socks, my first pair took a year to knit.  For whatever reason, I'm actually enjoying it this time.  It could be because I'm knitting on two circular needles which I like way better than the double points.  Sock #1 only took me one week to knit and it actually fits! Now I just need to finish sock #2.

The next few weekends I really need to spend getting some quilts quilted.  The finished tops are piling up!  I just ordered a Grace Speed Control for the Juki that I have on my frame so hopefully that will arrive this weekend so I can spend the weekend quilting.

I now leave you with a photo of the boys sunbathing...

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