Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tattoo'd monkey

I was able to make a little crocheted heart tattoo for Richard the sock monkey, unfortunately I couldn't fit "MOM" on it.  Oh well, it's still very cute!!!

Richard Cranium is alive and well....

Richard is the name that my fabulous husband gave to the sock monkey I just finished crocheting.  It was a very fun project to make and I will be gifting Mr. Cranium to a wonderful friend as a gift for her new nephew.  I'm going to attempt to crochet a heart "Mom" tattoo for it.

So, here you go ladies - I've finally updated my blog after no entries for over a year.  I vow to try my best to post regular updates.  It's a little hard because I see ya'll at least once a week, sometimes more...

Thought I'd share this picture of my hairy hairless dog.  He's overdue for his grooming session. Wham's looks so peaceful, boy will he be in for a surprise.  Stay tuned for a post-grooming photo!