Saturday, March 27, 2010

Richard Cranium is alive and well....

Richard is the name that my fabulous husband gave to the sock monkey I just finished crocheting.  It was a very fun project to make and I will be gifting Mr. Cranium to a wonderful friend as a gift for her new nephew.  I'm going to attempt to crochet a heart "Mom" tattoo for it.

So, here you go ladies - I've finally updated my blog after no entries for over a year.  I vow to try my best to post regular updates.  It's a little hard because I see ya'll at least once a week, sometimes more...

Thought I'd share this picture of my hairy hairless dog.  He's overdue for his grooming session. Wham's looks so peaceful, boy will he be in for a surprise.  Stay tuned for a post-grooming photo!


  1. Great googly! That is one hairy "nekked" dog.

    Yay for the revival of this blog.

  2. "Agree" with Sungopolis on all counts. Are you sure that Whammy's hairless? ;)

  3. Yes he is. Give me an hour and he'll be as smooth as a baby's behind.